Friday, April 2, 2010

catatan si obese 3

hmm.. today even if i dont feel like doing it, i have to work out. i ate nasi lemak which according to , contains : Carbs 232.8, Fat 117.9, Protein 38.8. yes! i'm definitely in big trouble. thanx to English in Camp. (i need to put the blame on somebody or something right?) so what am i supposed to do now that i know i have failed my diet prog for today? well, here's my plan :

1. at 5, i will go out and walk down and up the Bukit Permai hill. on my way up, i would definitely take some time watching the view of KL from the lookout point. i will post some pics later. yup.. i need to show u the evidence right? 
2. no lunch. i had to skip my lunch and surprisingly, am still full (now is 3.15 p.m)
3. dinner? what dinner?. my anlene again. i regard anlene somehow as my life saviour coz i find it pretty filling and plus the high calcium helps my body a lot too. 

okay... now i need to do some housechores as well.... and i'm watching youtube videos for simple exercises that i can do while being a couch potato... lalala

catatan si obese 3

my diet was being sabotaged!!! hheheh... this evening i really need to work out.i have eaten nasi lemak which is according to , it contains 232.8 of carbs, 117.9 of fat and 38.8 of protein!!!arghhhhhhh... i'm having a problem. all this is due to the food prepared for teachers during the English in Camp today.. hmmmm so my plan is :

1. walk around the neighbourhood and watch the great view of KL. i stay in Bukit Permai which there is a KL lookout point near my house. 

catatan si obese 2

hari kedua - lapar... early morning i was so hungry that when i had my brunch at 10, my pinggan was so licin sampai my colleague perli. i need to buy fruits for snacking lah. hmmm so far so good... my meal for today :

breakfast + brunch = small amount of rice with ikan keli (a bit oily lah choice at the canteen)
snack = one banana
tea = iced tea (still have problems getting rid of ice)
dinner = a glass of anlene and one slice of bread (before 7.30 p.m)

exercise ? = dance training today-jogging? tak leh cik abg ada rumah today hehehe
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