Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ayam kicap pedas- hidangan untuk 5-6 org

okay.. mari kita cuba ayam kicap pedas. resepi simple tapi sedap. rasa cam paprik sket tapi lebih pekat. Mr Hubby suka.. so oklah.. heheh 

bahan-bahannya ialah :

1/2 ekor ayam (telah diperap dgn garam dan kunyit)
sedikit sayur-sayuran - tomato dan lobak merah ikut suka nak berapa

bahan-bahan rencah :
cili giling / cili kering (ikut nak pedas mcmana)
5 ulas bawang merah
2 ulas bawang putih
2 cm halia
1 batang serai dititik

bahan sos :
kicap Mudim (saya guna kicap dr utara yg sedap giler tuh -takde kat KL hehehe)
sedikit sos tiram
satu kiub pati ayam maggi ke knorr ke ikutla
air asam jawa 

cara2nya ialah :
1. panaskan mintak dan goreng ayam dahulu yang telah diperap dgn garam kunyit. ketepikan
2. tumis bahan2 rencah yg telah diblend/dihiris halus
3. masukkan cili dan goreng sampai garing
4. masukkan kicap, sos tiram, dan air asam jawa
5. masukkan kiub pati ayam, perasakan dgn gula dan garam serta masukkan sedikit air jika mahu berkuah.
6. masukkan ayam. dan masak hingga mendidih
7. hidang + makan

my sigma brushes have arrived!!! yeepeee

ok. take a deep breath.. inhale. exhale. yup they are finally in my hands. after a month's waiting.

 i've been wanting these brushes for so long. and now they are here. the last time i checked sigma brushes were pretty unreachable in Malaysia. but now thanx to http://www.lovelyadornment.com/  i can get hold of my mostly wanted brushes ever. the sigma synthetic face brushes. though i ordered the brushes sometime in early July, but Tee Swan (Claire) managed to email me and let me know of the delay. so i guess, if it's worth the wait, i'll wait. after all, it's not easy to get the brushes anyways. and IT IS WORTH THE WAIT.

the brushes arrived when i was busy cooking. ahhaha for my iftar(the breaking of fast). my hubby who was asleep, had to get up (thank you cayang) and took the small parcel from the impatient poslaju guy. the packaging is very secure.. i mean like my brushes did not get damaged in any way.

the first thing that i took out from the parcel is the brochure. here is the brochure, showing the set of synthetic face brushes - yup that worldly famous flat top kabuki brush

the brushes were also kept in this turqoise blue bag

the angle brush and the brush guard - very soft, and dense. seriously... best gilerrr 

yup that's the one that i've been looking for - flat top and brush guard

and also the cute loking -round top kabuki brush and the brush guard

since i've deposited an extra 8RM (because the CIMD CDM couldn't accept 5rm note), lovelyadornment has kindly sent me a free gift

which is the travel-size blending brush.. a dupe for MAC 219- i have MAC's one so i was pretty excited to get the similar blending brush from SIGMA

well.... off to my dressing table now. tata

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