Thursday, April 8, 2010

catatan si obese 6

ingatkan dpt la buat keje lain tahun nieh.. tup tup kena wat lagik thn nieh... adoiiiiiiiiiii ...anyway back to my diet prog. i managed to have a small piece of choc cake today... hahaha.... tempted. what to do? yabedabedu hehehe

breakfast : one tuna wholemeal sandwich and peel fresh drink
lunch : a bowl of assam laksa
tea : a small piece of choc cake, iced tea
dinner (before 6) : rice with soup and fried chicken drumstick.. yummm

exercise ?: sit ups morning and nite (50 times per day)

adoi la hidupku

bosan. stressed. tension. letih. malas. lapar!!!
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