Friday, March 19, 2010

TGI Friday

hmmm... hari tuh ada org belanja kat TGI Friday.... not bad.. yg paling sedap adalah macaroni and cheese dia dlm bentuk kiub. yummm..... ni meal yg i makan hari tuh

lamb chop dia yg best tapi sakit kepala bila balik dr restoran sebab tak sedar diri tak leh makan lamb byk sgt

estee lauder promotion

got sms from estee lauder.. (really shows how addicted i am to
 it says :
Estee Lauder Twice a Year Biggest Gift Time is back! Fr now till 4 April - buy RM 320 get 5 pc including tote bag. spend up to RM 480, get total 8pc. TC apply. 03-23820600.

well.... i have to save some money right now, so i'm not going to buy any of their products this time. will do perhaps some other time (other promotions coz i do get a lot of sms about their promotions from time to time). however, this post is just to mention about the promotion going on (for you makeup lovers).. disclaimer : am not affiliated or paid by this company.

tesl contest

here is contest for teslians. i joined tesl malaysia and received an email about this contest. the prizes? first prize - a one-year subs of readers digest and three consolation prizes would be MPH  vouchers or something. check out the link

i'm in love with google chrome

hmmm...this is a bit weird. never favoured modzilla but now i guess i'm in love with google chrome. super fast! for those who havent tried ths, you should! i mean i just love it for the speed. duhhhh... to download google chrome, click this
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