Friday, February 26, 2010

wedding pics that i love

february favourites!!!!!

hmmmm...... so these r my feb favourites! and surprisingly they r all from bodyshop. i was never really INTO the bodyshop products except for their shower gels, but then somehow i kept shopping for their stuff this month! the first item that i bought was the olive body butter. been wanting it for a long long first i wanted to buy the strawberry or peach body butter, but they were wayyyy too sweet for my liking. and the salesgirl at the ampang point branch suggested olive.. i fell in love with it the moment i picked i up. it smells so good and calming... and even now (i'm having it on my body), i still love the smell so much that i keep 'sniffing' my hands..weird but...yeah!  here's a picture of it... taken from the bodyshop website coz my camera is not working right now

the second product that i'm obsessed with this month is the 'Yes, yes, yes' Tantalising lip butter. okay so i got the body butter. then the word butter kept coming to my mind when i was thinking of getting a new lip balm. and so i watched a review on youtube, trying to get the best lip balm coz i have been using Avon for quite some time and i dont think it does a good job on my lips. so i watched this review on the lip butter (again by bodyshop) and i thought, yeah why not getting one for myself then. i checked out the price. it is (not gonna lie) quite pricey for a lip product (which is not even a lipstick!!). but when i went to the store, i picked up the product, smelled it and again, i was so impressed that i spent RM26 for a lip butter!!.. it smells sweet (i learned that is is made of dragonfruit) and yummy. guess what, i even licked it when i put on my lips for the first time (giler rasa nak makan). and i love it so much, i introduced the products to my sisters (who of course find it way too expensive!). but i love it, it moisturizes my lips (so i can wear my matte revlon lipstick that i love without getting dry lips at the end of the day) so well. and knowing that the money from it goes to makes me happier!!

yupp..the packaging is not that attractive.

and the third product that i'm loving this month is the Face and Body brush by Bodyshop. i just LOVE the brush. it is super soft (giler lembut...the pic here doesnt even do justice) and oh my god, i would never change to any other brushes. it is very multi-functional. u can use it for powder, bronzer or blush. or you can even use it to apply body powder or body shimmer. it is expensive also ( i think about RM70, but cheaper than MAC) but hey, it is a good investment. good brushes last long. thats for sure. it is even recommended by the Oprah Magazine. try it and u will love it!!

p/s: not affliated to this company. i bought the products (not getting paid or something) though i dont show the pics coz my camera is not working.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


just got back from holiday. tired. happy. no money left. school resumed. bored. lotsa work. stressed.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ampun dosa nurul, abang

hari ni bergaduh lagik ngan abang aku... adooiii aku la ni. mengada ngada sangat. pastuh tensen sebab dah wat dosa.

Monday, February 8, 2010

i cannot live without anlene

my breakfast early in the morning, before going to work. have a cup of hot anlene (high-calcium choc milk) and am ready to start the day!!!

ghazal party queen

hmmm cerita ni best...yang paling membuatkan best adalah segmen2 kelakar yang original, pelakon yang mantap (especially Munah yang sampai the next day pun my students tak habis2 adore) dan tujuan murni teater ini diadakan, which is untuk charity membina asrama Donni di Sabah. walaupun begitu kelemahan dari segi keluar masuk props agak mengganggu mood kerana lambat dan mengambil masa yang banyak, banyak kali lampu dipadamkan kerana peralihan props tersebut dan siap ada bunyi terlanggar props lagi. tapi overall, it was an entertaining show. ni gambar2 yang diambil malam tu

Saturday, February 6, 2010

theatre theatre theatre

tomorrow...ghazal party queen here i come.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


and yeah, i'm married. its been like nearly a year that i havent written any blog posts. felt a bit bored and tired of typing i guess. but sumhow, i feel like blogging again.. and yeah this time to talk more about my current obsession, that is makeup, health and beauty. not that i wanna brag but just to share some of my opinion, collection and stuff like that. and this is also a sort of continuation from my other link - my facebook. some of the stuff that i dont think i want to share on facebook, i would def share them here. and yeah.. i will upload some of my wedding pics here as well... i dont think i want to share them on my facebook though, i dunno. i just dont want to. but that have to wait till chinese new year hols, coz am going back to Kota bharu to pick up my long-awaited album. and ...i dont care if no body wants to read or view my blog. i just want to put it ( i mean certain things in my life) somewhere other than diaries.
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