Friday, April 2, 2010

catatan si obese 2

hari kedua - lapar... early morning i was so hungry that when i had my brunch at 10, my pinggan was so licin sampai my colleague perli. i need to buy fruits for snacking lah. hmmm so far so good... my meal for today :

breakfast + brunch = small amount of rice with ikan keli (a bit oily lah choice at the canteen)
snack = one banana
tea = iced tea (still have problems getting rid of ice)
dinner = a glass of anlene and one slice of bread (before 7.30 p.m)

exercise ? = dance training today-jogging? tak leh cik abg ada rumah today hehehe

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wei..hehe..jgn ambik pisangla...x elok utk diet...buah2an lain ok...hihi...biarla diorg perli...diorg ape tau susah seksa nak turunkan berat badan nieh...hehe...i did my cardio 2day...1 hour straight...success!! huhu...

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