Sunday, April 11, 2010

really wonder more about lady gaga's fashion style?

yupp.. Her real name is Stefani Joanne Germanotta. She's insane. she's bold. she dares to be different. wayyyyyyy different than any other celebs infact. she's totally original. she challenges taboos, traditions and values. BUT, she's talented. she's modern. she might be a trend setter (just like gwen), except for the outrageous headgears. and her songs are awesome. ppl been whistling her bad romance, poker face and paparazzi evrywhere. like EVERYWHERE. and not to mention her videos and her crazy fashion ideas. ppl just watch lady gaga now. ever wonder who her stylish is..or was? hmmm

1. alexander McQueen - this is her favourite designer. the late British fashion icon was known for his crazy fashion senses. check out his website at . besides him, Marko Mitanovski, armani have also worked with her.
2. she sometimes design her own dresses (if you can call those dresses)
3. there are rumours that she might work with donatella versace in the near future. yupp. the one that designed the famous safety-pin dress for elizabeth hurley and Jlo's green dress.

here are some of pics of lady gaga in style.


Mr Rulez said...

mmg style lar..klu kat msia..taktau aper jadi..hek3

shafiq said...

hate her style, but love her music.. ;)

nuRuLain_zAiNi said...

kalau kat malaysia ni..boleh kene halau ni..haha

keklapiscoklat said...

heheh rasanya bukan halau.. mmg takkan dpt masuk nyer.. she's like naked most of the time behehhee

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