Tuesday, April 6, 2010

catatan si obese 5

penatnya br balik training tarian. just got back from my dance class. but surprisingly, i feel well.. hmm lighter. coz i could do 2 dance routines today! hahaha.... hmmm today i didn;t  eat much... just some rice with tomyam and fried chicken (couldn't resist the temptation...and well, no choice anyway at the school canteen). just a quarter of rice. and iced nescafe, and for lunch, iced tea with two small packets of peanuts. yup full till now. (5.15p.m) still not hungry. perhaps because i've been exercising. and yeah for dinner, i might just grab one apple and drink my anlene. MIGHT!  ...heheh nothing much to describe. i think i'm getting more comfy with the diet programme. perhaps because i am always cautious with whatever i eat. though i still eat carbs and well. some oily food, couldnt stay away totally just yet, i make sure i dont eat much and try to snack with fruits or just drink plain water if i am that hungry.

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