Saturday, April 3, 2010

catatan si obese 4

the view of Kuala Lumpur from my neighbourhood lookout point in Taman Bukit Permai
me early in the monink
me...alamak...the redness!! hehe...hmmm jap lagi nak naik bukit nieh adoiii
yeah i know... need to get rid of those ergh......jogging early in the morning and ended up singgah my poco-poco class... feel lucky coz the community here loves to do a poco2. will post the pics next week okay.. and i love the class so much.. been learning the steps -poco-poco Thai, poco-poco Rock, Arabian best!!! can't wait for another sunday!

p/s : balik rumah..jemur baju yg masuk washing machine sebelum keluar rumah pagi tadi and teguk my anlene.. that's all for breakfast. bila dah senam, tak larat le plak nak makan berat2.. bagus jugak ek... heheh... lunch? no idea yet.. something for a lazy sunday i guess... nak masak ke? malasnyaaaa.....most probably buat meatball soup je kot... meatballs ada lagik..for dinner, something that i can eat without going out of my house

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