Thursday, April 1, 2010

Catatan si obese 1

hmmm so my Biggest Loser programme has started. and today is my first day..  yay!! well... i'm planning to loose at least 2kilos this month. hopefully my diet plan works.i'm planning to take up dance classes again next year so i have to stick to my diet or else i will have problems bending my body and working out the dance routine. hmmmm i have not started exercising yet. planned to jog around my neighbourhood but it seems to rain almost everyday here in Ampang so i guess i have to change the exercising part to doing housechores instead. (it's not an excuse rained for a couple of minutes just now!!... but i DO want to jog... let see if i manage to do it tomorrow. some ppl suggested me to buy the work-out machines but i guess it's wayyyy to expensive. i wont spend 300-500 just for a machine that i am not sure if i would use it for a long time. knowing me, who is usually bersemangat only for a few days.. 

my aim this month : lose 2 kg and above
the calorie my body needs : 1865.4 (calculation -

hmmm.....anyway, i had breakfast at 10 (not 7.30 as i normally did)... i would say it was 'brunch' anyway coz i didnt have lunch.. i had rice, with some paru and ayam kicap. dont want it to be too drastic for me. and i had iced nescafe to keep me awake... heheh i beli some jambu and coconut drink for my sort of 'tea'. for dinner, i might eat a slice of leftover pizza. i dont know how to count the calorie...can somebody help me with this??? the difference between before the prog and today?

last week : 
- breakfast at 7.30 (nasi lemak / fried rice with egg or chicken and some kueh)
- iced nescafe 
- lunch at 12.30 (rice, with chicken and vege and sambal and some kuah)                               
- some other drinks or snack in between meals
- dinner either fried rice again/bread/maggi

today         : 
- breakfast + lunch at 10 (rice with paru and chicken)
- iced nescafe
-some fruits and coconut drink
- a slice of leftover pizza

pls tell me there's a difference

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