Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Biggest Loser in 2 days!!!

so i've decided to join this programme  not the programme on national tv but a similar form of the biggest loser, diet prog with friends. mula2, i was kinda reluctant to join, knowing how 'rajin' i am to exercising tapi after being convinced by them  (though it is still shadowy to me sebenarnya) i somehow agree to join, hopefully the semangat continues la.  so people, i will post almost everything on my journey to becoming the biggest loser HERE on my blog including my daily journal (obviously), the frustrations, my personal challenges, rewards, etc etc. hopefully i will have the guts to post the pics also  anyway the rules for our prog :
1. no medication allowed.. 
2. last weight count will be after raya (which is going to be a challenge also with the rendang etc) ---end of september 2010
3. measurement - the percentage of loss to choose the winner

so yeah..... 

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