Thursday, February 4, 2010


and yeah, i'm married. its been like nearly a year that i havent written any blog posts. felt a bit bored and tired of typing i guess. but sumhow, i feel like blogging again.. and yeah this time to talk more about my current obsession, that is makeup, health and beauty. not that i wanna brag but just to share some of my opinion, collection and stuff like that. and this is also a sort of continuation from my other link - my facebook. some of the stuff that i dont think i want to share on facebook, i would def share them here. and yeah.. i will upload some of my wedding pics here as well... i dont think i want to share them on my facebook though, i dunno. i just dont want to. but that have to wait till chinese new year hols, coz am going back to Kota bharu to pick up my long-awaited album. and ...i dont care if no body wants to read or view my blog. i just want to put it ( i mean certain things in my life) somewhere other than diaries.

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