Saturday, June 16, 2007

daddy the best

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Poem for Dads

Right around the time I turned three,
his deep voice entered my memory.

I needed to hear I was good enough,
that my awkward years would make
a diamond from the rough.

I always was the apple of his eye
that beheld my every mistake
and turned it into pride.

He gave me gifts of wisdom
way beyond my years,
he showed me there could be love
even through the tears.

A devoted champion
he comes in many forms:
mechanic, carpenter, handyman,
a witness when I was born.

Sports fanatic, tutor, a great big hugger,
artist, war hero, news anchor, scholar,
medicine man, dream weaver, and music lover.

Some are by blood, some linked by hearts,
it matters not how fathers get the part.

If Heaven’s gates await
then that’s where I’ll be,
once again coming home to
where my dad waits for me.

uwaaaaaa!!! byk buat dosa ngan abah nieh (mulalah aku emotional nieh)

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